Advanced and Sustainable Anaesthesia Care


Aisys CS2

Advanced and Sustainable Anaesthesia Care


A true Carestation experience

  • Designed for seamless integration with GE CARESCAPE monitors.
  • Enhanced with the ultra-compact CARESCAPE Respiratory Modules for comprehensive airway gas analysis of your patients, from neonates to adults.
  • Displays breath by breath Patient Spirometry for airway pressure, flow, volume, compliance, PEEP and airway resistance measured at the patient’s airway.


Exceptional user interface

  • 15″ full colour display utilising surface acoustic wave touch screen technology.
  • Simplified workflow with configurable ‘Quick Picks for fast agent, oxygen and fresh gas flow adjustments.
  • Auto alarm limits with tunnelling alarms to help you optimise alarm management for each patient.


Digitally enabled target control

  • Et Control** automatically adjusts fresh gas concentrations to quickly and efficiently achieve and maintain end tidal oxygen and end tidal agent targets.
  • Estimated MAC display helps you establish end tidal agent targets.


Advanced ventilation for neonates to adults

  • ICU-inspired ventilator, with digitally controlled flow valve technology to help achieve set pressures and volumes, quickly, maximizing time available for gas exchange across a wide range of patients.
  • Wide range of ventilation modes offered, including VCV, PCV, PSVPro, PCV-VG, SIMV VCV, SIMV PCV, CPAP+PSV and the new SIMV PCV-VG, designed to offer support to spontaneously breathing patients.


Automated Vital Capacity and Cycling lung ventilation procedures

  • Designed to help you manage lung ventilation issues during general anaesthesia.
  • Vital Capacity automates the manual bag ‘squeeze and hold’ manoeuvre.
  • Cycling provides a configurable toolkit of settings with automated delivery.


Advanced Breathing System (ABS)

  • Specifically designed for low flow to help provide fast gas kinetics for rapid wash-in and wash-out of anaesthetic agent.