CardioLab IT and XT Electrophysiological monitoring and recording system

Electrophysiology Recording System


EmPower Workflow. EmPower Integration. EmPower Synchronization.

 With the legacy of Prucka Engineering inside, CardioLab® delivers the EP data and visualization you need, where you need it, when it needs to be there. That’s because CardioLab is part of a comprehensive EP lab workflow infrastructure we’ve designed to help make you more efficient. More productive. Better able to care for your patients efficiently and effectively. Through intelligent design everything works as one. The result: information is available where you think it should be, when you think it should be there regardless of where it’s coming from.

Expanded connectivity capabilities help improve department productivity CardioLab delivers new levels of integration to enable optimum productivity in the EP lab and the highest level of care for patients. The latest networking and connectivity functions include:

  • CardioICE™ synchronized Ultrasound brings together the CardioLab and Vivid™ i ultrasound systems to provide an integrated workflow solution with unprecedented control and access to information. Synchronized Ultrasound begins by bringing the Vivid i with CardioICE into the lab with a bedside mount and takes information integration to the next level. By reproducing the display of the Vivid i on the CardioLab window, CardioICE allows continuous visualization of the ablation catheter and devices inside the cardiac anatomy in real-time, with electrograms. Images captured during the procedure are time-aligned with the waveforms and information, creating a synchronized case report with images, waveforms and information.
  • Integration to the Centricity® image review and analysis workstation, allowing review of previously acquired image data with the rest of the procedural data for comprehensive review and reporting on the patient’s clinical condition.
  • True FFR integration, including direct input of the PressureWire® Aeris wireless technology and autocalculation of the FFR value, eliminating the need for a separate FFR analyzer and set-up.

System Features and Options

  • GE Innova® X-ray Bi-directional Interface
  • Innova Central tableside touch screen interface
  • Mainstream/Sidestream End-Tidal CO2
  • Dual or triple monitor system configuration
  • CardioImage Fluoroscopy Image Management System
  • Enhanced mapping tools, including pace mapping, activation and interval alignment
  • CARTO® XP System Bi-directional Interface
  • Connectivity to Ablation generator(s)
  • Integrated Vitals with Audible Indicators

 CLab II Plus Amplifier

  • 32/64/96/128 channel
  • Configurable sampling rates: 1K, 2K, & 4K
  • Easy access to raw waveform data (data extraction), binary & ASCII format
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