CardioLab IT and XT Electrophysiological monitoring and recording system

Combined Electrophysiology and Hemodynamic Recording System



A single EP and Hemodynamic recording solution for your cardiology needs

 The ComboLab system merges hemodynamics and electrophysiology in one powerful, recording system. It combines the full performance of the CardioLab® Electrophysiology Recording System and the Mac-Lab® Hemodynamic Recording System in a cost-effective package that enables dual use of your cardiac cath and EP labs. An intuitive Windows® graphical user interface makes operation quick, easy and reliable. Reporting based on Microsoft® Word® speeds and simplifies report generation.

ComboLab acquires, stores and manages clinical data, delivering high efficiency in clinical workflow and reporting. Whether for simple or complex cases, ComboLab’s advanced clinical tools help physicians deliver quick, confident diagnoses.

Expanded connectivity capabilities help improve department productivity

 ComboLab delivers new levels of integration to enable optimum productivity in the cath/EP lab and the highest level of care for patients. The latest networking and connectivity functions include:

  • CardioICETM Synchronized Ultrasound brings together the ComboLab and VividTM i ultrasound systems to provide an integrated workflow solution with unprecedented control and access to information.
  • Integration to the Centricity® image review and analysis workstation, allowing review of previously acquired image data with the rest of the procedural data for comprehensive review and reporting on the patient’s clinical condition.
  • True FFR integration, including direct input of the PressureWire® Aeris wireless technology and autocalculation of the FFR value, eliminating the need for a separate FFR analyzer and set-up

System Features and Options

  • GE Innova® X-ray bi-directional Interface
  • Innova Central tableside touch screen interface
  • CardioImageTM Fluoroscopy Image Management System
  • Mainstream/Sidestream End-Tidal CO2
  • Dual or triple monitor system configuration
  • Integrated Vitals with Audible Indicators
  • Coronary diagramming module
  • Continuous ST Segment analysis window
  • Enhanced mapping tools, including pace mapping, activation and interval alignment
  • CARTO® XP System Bi-directional Interface
  • Connectivity to Ablation generator(s)

 CLab II Plus Amplifier

  • 32/64/96/128 channel
  • Configurable sampling rates: 1K, 2K, & 4K
  • Easy access to raw waveform data (data extraction), binary & ASCII formats

 Physiologic Recordings

  • Amplifiers: Modular transport design
  • ECG: 12-lead with ST segment analysis
  • Respiration: Impedance method (1 – 120 breaths per minute range)
  • Cardiac Output: Thermodilution, calculated and estimated Fick
  • Invasive Pressure: 4 channels with means (-10 to 300 mmHg range)
  • Non-invasive Pressure: Automatic and manual modes (oscillometric)
  • Pulse Oximetry: Saturation range 42-99% (accuracy 90–100%, 1.5%)

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Mac-Lab-CardioLab Brochure