Cycle ergometer available in two models (basic and comfort) with interfaces to GE Healthcare stress testing devices. Couch ergometer for load echocardiography examinations.


The eBike Basic and eBike Comfort are rounds per minute-independent bicycle ergometers for load ranges between 20 and 999 watts. The robust mechanical construction ensures reliable function even when in constant use.

The particularly ergonomic design offers a seating position for optimal performance for all body sizes, and makes it easy to mount the bike. This makes it especially easy for older people and people with restricted movement to get on and off the bike.

The connection between GE Healthcare stress-testing systems and eBike allows for easy control of the entire examination. eBike is available in two versions – eBike Basic and eBike Comfort – with different characteristic features.

eBike Basic Ergometer

  • Rounds per minute – independent load
  • Two different control units
  • Load accuracy according to DIN VDE 0750-238
  • Continuously variable seat height adjustment
  • Digital display of saddle height
  • Handlebars adjustment
  • Digital and analog interfaces to GE stress-testing systems
  • Automatic blood pressure measurement (can also be installed later as option)

eBike Comfort Ergometer

As above and including:

  • Electrical,non-graduated seat height adjustment
  • Dual handlebars adjustment (height and angle)
  • Multiple expansion options (children,sportsmen)

Choice of control panel

PC control panel

  • For control via ECG writer and PC-ECG
  • Fully programmable stress-testing programs
  • Display of key values on screen
  • Automatic blood pressure measurement (optional)

PC plus control panel

  • Large graphics display,integrated touch-panel keyboard
  • Fully programmable stress-testing and training programs
  • Graphic display of current status of stress-testing / training program
  • Automatic blood pressure measurement (optional)

eBike L & EL

Semi-Couch & Stress Echo Ergometer for load echocardiography

The new eBike L & eBike EL are specially designed for couch ergometry and stress echo applications.

Both ergometers have a wide range of uses.

The eBike L & eBike EL have a very ergonomic design that assures maximum patient safety and comfort. The proven eBike measurement intelligence combined with a very easy to use operator interface provides confidence on the clinical side and during daily use.

Both eBike L & eBike EL are offered in different combinations. They are available with or without an integrated blood pressure module and with standard or separate control terminal. The integrated blood pressure module can also be offered as an upgrade.