24/48 hour digital Holter recorder.


The SEER Light / SEER Light Extend is our smallest and lightest Holter recorder, weighing in at only 78 grams.

It provides 24/48 hours of 2-3 channels of full-disclosure ECG  with pace­maker detection, a simple-to-use patient event button, and access to patient demographics for easy study identification.

The SEER Light recorder is approximately the size of a business card weighing 78g including batteries. This is an outstandingly small and light Holter recorder with 2 or 3 channels of diagnostic quality full disclosure ECG and demographic patient data. Its aesthetically pleasing package, easy to use patient event button, and on-board 128 Mbytes of flash memory will impress you. No moving parts, no display and solid-state technology make for outstanding reliability.

The SEER Light Extend controller is used for reviewing ECG quality at hookup time with a view of all three channels of the ECG waveform. The patient demographic information entered on the controller keyboard can be transferred to the SEER Light recorder via an infrared connection.

Feature Highlights

  • Data quality and integrity with a high level of comfort combined in an attractive and streamlined hand-held device.
  • Solid-state technology for reliability and durability (no moving parts).
  • A recorder for the acquisition of 24/48 hours of data (two or three channels) and diagnostic ECG for complete full disclosure storage.
  • A controller to review ECG quality at hookup time.
  • On-board 128 Mbytes of flash memory.
  • Incredibly small and light, the standard Holter recorder is approximately the size of a business card.
  • Standard pacemaker detection.
  • Compatible with MARS PC Holter systems.

Software options include:

  • QT-Interval editor
  • HRV-Heart Rate Variability
  • ST Segment analysis
  • HRT-Heart Rate Turbulence
  • TWA- T-Wave alternans.