Measures and monitors non invasive blood pressure during the stress test and interfaces with Cardiosoft and CASE ECG systems


The Tango M2 exercise BP Monitor is designed to automatically

measure and display a patients systolic and diastolic BP

along with heart rate during a treadmill, ergometer or pharmacological stress test.

Accurate, Handsfree Monitoring for Stress and Exercise Testing; designed for Seamless Integration with the GE CASE® System & CardioSoftTM

Stress Testing Applications

The Tango® M2 automated blood pressure monitor allows you to focus on your patient

during stress testing rather than spending valuable time taking manual measurements.

Tango®M2 ”is tolerant to exercise and provides reliable automatic BP (measurements)

within an acceptable clinical range. Tango® M2 can add BP and optional SpO2 to your stress

ECG system, creating a complete and seamless diagnostic test center

Features and Benefits

Accurate & Reliable: Made possible using SunTech®‘s auscultatory K-sound analysis            algorithm.

Seamless Integration: Initiate BP measurements from your stress system & automatically record the data on the printed patient report.

Verify BP Measurements: See & hear the Korotkoff sounds using the on-screen display and the included headphones.

Stat Mode: Continuous BP measurements every 2-10 seconds for time sensitive or

emerging situations.

Simple Patient Prep: Simple application with pictorial indicators, range and artery indicators.