The Getinge 46-series are fully automatic, microprocessor controlled, washer disinfectors. Processing cycles arefactory programmed with recommended treatmentparameters for pre-rinsing, cleaning, post-rinsing, thermaldisinfection, final rinsing and drying. Validated programs are secured by access codes. Detergents and rinse agents are automatically dispensed during cycle. The Getinge 46-series includes washer disinfectors with single as well as double-door option. All models are designed according to EN ISO 15883.
The Getinge 46-series consist of following models:
• Getinge 46-4 (maximum 4 levels)
• Getinge 46-5 (maximum 5 levels


The Getinge 46-Series are washer disinfectors for washing intermediate level of disinfection and drying of surgical
instruments (rigid and tubular), hollow ware, wash bowls and baby bottles, containers, laboratory glass and
anesthetic accessories (critical items, such as invasive surgical instruments and anesthesia devices, must be
further processed by terminal sterilization before use in anyprocedure). The receptacles should be loaded in correct
loading equipment recommended by Getinge Disinfection AB to comply with EN ISO 15883

Key features

• Rotary spray arms are fixed at the top and bottom of the chamber.
• Wash carts are equipped with rotary spray arms between each level to allow water and detergent to reach all     surfaces to be cleaned.
• Injection wash carts automatically connect to water and drying air to clean and
dry the inside of tubular instruments.
• All models are, as standard, equipped with inde- pendent temperature monitoring
and validation test port according to EN ISO 15883.
• Data interface RS232 + RS485 for external printer.
• Window in door, chamber light, test port for water and combined coarse-/finemeshed
strainer are standard features
• In Getinge 46-4 and 46-5 the drying air is pre-heated in a unique heat exchanger
before being heated to its optimum drying capacity in the heater box. This energy-
saving process means also shorter drying times. HEPA-filter with differential
pressure monitoring is standard feature when drying system with heat exchanger
is chosen for Getinge 46-4 and 46-5.

The PACS 350 modular PLC control system is dedicated to the control, operation
and maintenance of Getinge sterilizers and washer/disinfectors, featuring:
• CPU processor with battery backup
• Digital inputs and outputs for machine control
• Analog measuring inputs
• RS-232 COM port for serial communication
• RS-232/RS-485 COM port
• Up to 20 cycle program memory
The PACS 350 controls all system functions, both visually and audibly alerts the
operator of cycle malfunction and on demand, provides visual indication of the
chamber temperature

The machine is controlled and operated from the control panel above the soiledside
door. The panel interface is a durable LCD display with two rows with
20 character on each row. A screen saver extends the life of the backlit LCD display.
Touching any key illuminates and reactivates the display.
Following indicators and function keys are located on the display:
• Process running
• Process complete
• Alarms
• Reset alarms
• Start cycle
• Program selection 1–6
The software has a memory for up to 20 programs. Below the screen there are six
programmable buttons for the most common programs. The other programs are
reachable by entering the menu.