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Getinge 86-series washer-disinfectors ensure reliable, effective cleaning and disinfection, and securing high
throughput and efficiency.
Advanced automation capabilities provide a choice of automated loading and unloading to minimize the need for staff intervention and to increase productivity

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The intended use of the 86-series washer-disinfector is to clean, thermally low or intermediate disinfect, and dry
surgical instruments (solid and tubular), bowls, basins, glass ware, receivers, suctions bottles, baby bottles,
anaesthesia equipment and surgical shoes. The goods can be made of stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, rubber,
silicon and or glass.
The 86-series washer-disinfector is used in facilities such as hospital wards, Central Sterile Supply Departments
(CSSD), Operating Room Sterile Supply Unit, Hospital Laboratories and Biomedical Research Facilities

Easy to Use Touchscreen Interface with Getinge Centric controls that allows operator to see machine status from a distance and provides easy to understand help in resolving problems. The 7” touchscreen display is delivered as standardon both clean and soiled side.
• Optional USB port for digital documentation of wash process.
• Process Report options with Network Storage generating reports in PDF format
and Network Printing for printout of process reports.
• Low pressure, high volume flow wash designed to hydrate the load and effectively
remove the soil without disturbing or damaging the instruments.
• Easy to clean rotary spray arms with removable tip on the top and bottom of
the chamber as well as in between each level of the wash cart to allow water to
reach all surfaces that need to be cleaned.
• Water fill level adjusted based on load to minimize water usage.
• Unique heat exchanger that pre-heats the drying air and also serves as a condenser
for the outgoing air. This energy-saving process means shorter drying
times and reduced energy consumption.
• Differential pressure monitoring and test port for HEPA 14 filter is standard.
• Integral process monitoring system that monitors key cycle parameters and
integral machine functions alerting the operator to any deviations or issues with
any of the parameters. Error code alert is accomplished with both a visual and
volume controlled audible alarm.
• Wash carts with removable spray arms and shelves that can adapt to different
load heights and incorporate accessories for cleaning lumen/cannulated/laparoscopic

Getinge’s new CENTRIC interface is a highly innovative, unified user-centric system where we have turned specific
customer feedback and an in-depth understanding of our customers’ situation into a very positive user experience.
CENTRIC shows all information – such as remaining process time or start-up choices – clearly and in logical order.
Easy to learn – reducing the need for training
Clear, uncluttered information – cuts risk of human error
The large, high-resolution color screens are easy to read, enabling staff to clearly see and monitor progress status
from a distance, thereby improving user satisfaction andproductivity.

With CENTRIC, Getinge takes another huge step forward in providing innovative, integrated solutions
with a user-centric focus, leading to significantly improved processing efficiency.