FD1600-series is a washer disinfector for human waste containers for emptying, cleaning
and thermal disinfection of bedpans, urine bottles and commode buckets.

The receptacles should be loaded correctly in the holder recommended by Getinge Disinfection AB.


FD1600-series is a front-loaded washer disinfector for human waste containers.
Processing cycles are factory programmed with recommended treatment parameters for cleaning, thermal disinfection and cooling.
Operation and maintenance are easy from the front with clear guidance from the display.
The consumption of water, power, de-liming and detergent agent are exceptionally low to
reduce the overall impact on the environment.
FD1600-series fulfills the EN ISO 15883 Norm and has third party certification

  • Flexible and innovative design.
  • Available in polymeric material and stainless steel to fit any customer
  • Freestanding or under counter model.
  • Nine fixed and two rotating nozzles to meet the cleaning requirements to
    be found in EN ISO 15883 CEN ISO/TS 15883-5:2005).
  • Safe, thermal disinfection through all nozzles, benefit superior steam
    penetration and optimum disinfection on all surfaces.
  • Ao-value display for clear display of disinfection level reached.
  • PSD – Pipe System Disinfection – the entire pipe system and nozzles are
    disinfected in each cycle.
  • Steam generator for thermal disinfection is included.
  • Hygienic chamber without pockets or folds.
  • Stainless steel chamber EN1.4404/ASTM 316L
  • Easy to load and operate.
  • Remaining time sequence displayed during the cycle.
  • Cooling/drying fan with HEPA filter (purity grade H13) as otion