Getinge FD1800-series is a front-loaded washer disinfector for human waste containers.

Processing cycles are factory programmed with recommended treatment parameters for
cleaning, thermal disinfection and cooling.

The consumption of water, power, de-liming and detergent agent are exceptionally low to reduce the overall impact on the environment

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The excellent cleaning and disinfection performance of Getinge FD1800 has made it a
well-established flusher-disinfector for hospitals and nursing homes, operating reliably and
efficiently in sluice rooms.

As well as ensuring effcient and cost-effective cleaning and disinfection of human waste
containers, Getinge FD1800 has been designed to offer options and features, such as the sensoractivated
door, that provide even greater support in effective routines to combat cross-infection.
Getinge FD1800 is a front-loaded flusherdisinfector that delivers excellent performance in
the emptying, cleaning, thermal disinfection and drying of bedpans, urine bottles and commode
buckets. Steam delivered through the chamber’s configuration of fixed and rotating nozzles
produces results that meet the stringent cleaning and disinfection requirements of the European
flusher disinfector standard, EN ISO 15883.
Getinge FD1800 has been upgraded in line with the
Getinge policy to continuously improve its products and services. The result is a machine that can play
an even more important role in your operations by offering new options and opportunities. Getinge
FD1800 controls and tracks your processes, enhances your working environment and efficiency,
and takes disinfection to a level that can tackle even the toughest microorganisms.