The entire OR at the touch of a button

TEGRIS allows to operate nearly every element of the entire operating room. Video inputs can be recorded from range of sources and visuals can be displayed, saved or streamed. Integration of patient data from the HIS and PACS is seamless and simple. The settings of operating tables, surgical lightning and other medical devices is easy to adjust. Plus by integrating checklists into OR workflows, TEGRIS enhances patient safety by eliminating the need for manual data entry.


Workflow support

  • Workflow-supporting user interface, configurable to the needs of the user
  • Interfaces with leading patient data systems including HIS, RIS, OR planning, etc.

Video routing and documentation

  • Individual assignment of video source to monitor
  • Presets for user-defined scenarios enable rapid system setup (e.g. for special procedures, or personalized setup for individual surgeons)
  • Recording in resolution of up to Full HD 1920 x 1080 (1080p60), incl. audio signal
  • Secondary Full HD recording option
  • Time shift recording (up to 10 seconds buffer)
  • Full HD picture-in-picture (PiP) functionality for displaying and recording multiple video signals. Also supports Quad-PIP and Dual-Split. Software-based, no hardware required
  • No video inputs and outputs consumed for PIP, recording etc.
  • Live preview
  • Printout of recorded images
  • Export to USB stick, USB HDD, DVD/Blu-rayTM burner, network, or PACS
  • Retrieval of patient data (worklist) from HIS or RIS/PACS
  • Auto-fill of patient demographics with predefined values for emergency patients

Video over IP

  • IP-based video transmission
  • Plug & Play
  • Unified interface
  • Uncompressed high definition signals
  • Ultra-low latency

Patient Safety

  • Display, fill in, save and print out a WHO-compliant Surgical Safety Checklist
  • Patient data inserts on all screens. The selected patient can easily be varified by OR staff
  • Emergency stop button for controlled devices

Device control

  • TEGRIS offers control of the following devices:
  • Maquet operating tables
  • Maquet PowerLED / HLED OR lights and VOLISTA
  • SD / HD Room cameras
  • Endoscopy integration:
    • Control of image and video recordings via endoscopy camera head buttons
    • Integration of the “AlphaIntegration” endoscopy system by Gimmi with all functions
    • Integration of the “core” endoscopy system by Richard Wolf
    • Integration of the Aesculap endoscopy devices
  • Music interface with docking station for iPod® and iPhone®
  • Room functions such as VAC, room light or blinds
  • SD / HD OR light cameras
  • Device control is always implemented with the same look-and-feel as the original control device.

External communications

  • Live video and audio streaming in SD or HD, e.g. to a lecture hall or doctor’s office
  • Audio inputs for room microphone or wireless microphone

Compact TEGRIS unit

  • The TEGRIS hardware is housed in a compact, robust casing
  • The space-saving unit can be placed in multiple locations – in the OR itself, for example, or in a server rack in a technical room



  • 48cm diagonal (5:4)
  • Designed for use with TEGRIS
  • Classification as per Appendix IX of the 93/42/EEC Directive: Class 1
  •  W x H x D = 590 x 500mm x 80mm Inputs: VGA, DVI-D
  • Fits into VARIOP and Non-VARIOP wall types