Giraffe Incubator Carestation

The Giraffe *Incubator Carestation* combines advanced technology with a family-centric approach to promote healing.






The Giraffe Incubator Carestation simplifies—and enhances—the care continuum by offering clinicians the intuitive and reliable neonatal solution they need, and parents the access and support they want to steer babies toward better health. Features include:


  • Air boost protects the baby from heat loss when either panel is opened to support thermal stability.
  • Large color display (10.4″) and touchscreen user interface helps clinicians streamline their workflow while monitoring and controlling the baby’s environment.
  • Hands free alarm silence allows clinicians to quickly silence the alarms while providing care and maintaining a quiet environment
  • Patented Baby Susan rotating mattress enhances productivity by allowing the clinician to easily position the baby for clinical procedures, optimizing their efforts to get it right the first time and minimizing unnecessary baby stimulation.
  • Pressure diffusing mattress reacts to the impact of the baby’s body, reducing pressure points while minimizing motion and disruption and maximizing comfort.
  • Connectivity capabilities allow communication with electronic healthcare records and hospital information systems; it is equipped for future updates and upgrades.
  • Customized screens contribute to the personalized, patient- and family-friendly care environment while providing continued visual monitoring.


Newborns in the NICU need extra special care from clinicians and their families. One of the most advanced, neurodevelopmentally supportive microenvironments, the Giraffe Incubator Carestation is specially designed to give babies the comfort and stability they need to grow, heal and go home healthy.