Lullaby Warmer Prime

Designed for clinical excellence, caregiver comfort, and extreme reliability.


Lullaby Warmer PRIME

A legacy of excellent clinical performance

Uniform heating

Our warmer features a patented “J-profile” design that reflects heat uniformly to the bed for more thermal stability.

Reduced heat loss

Our heater is made with a cartridge (Calrod*-like) technology that allows for rapid warming of cold surfaces, thus helping to reduce cold stress for the babies.

Safe contact with the patient

All patient contact surfaces are made with biocompatible materials—chosen to be gentle on the baby’s delicate skin.

Clear observation

With a LED-based observation lamp emitting a white light, our warmer allows for great patient observation.

A recessed heater design for exceptional caregiver comfort

Easy access to the infant

Our recessed design allows the caregiver great access to the baby without interference from overhead heater hoods found in traditional warmers. Furthermore, heat to the caregiver is reduced while performing procedures on a baby

Uninterrupted procedures

The lower heater height and recessed heater design allow optimal placement of an overhead phototherapy unit. Along with the X-ray cassette holder and a radiolucent mattress, our warmer also enables uninterrupted thermoregulation during an X-ray!

Easy to clean

Our specially designed transparent bassinet can be removed from the trolley for cleaning. We have also reduced nooks and crevices—our warmer features a non-stitch, thermosealed mattress that prevents germs from hiding in stitches.

Easy and intuitive to use

With an icon based design and a one-touch mode switch button to switch between manual and baby modes, our warmer is simple and easy to operate.