Patient Telemetry System


GE Healthcare ApexPro Telemetry System


The ApexPro Telemetry Receiver System is the most powerful telemetry solution available for your long-term patient-handling-capacities issues… in a suprisingly small package.


Easy expansion of patient handling capacities

The new space-saving design means that the ApexPro receiver system can be conveniently mounted to a standard network equipment rack or shelf. Configuration allows up to four quad receiver modules, for a total of 16 multi-channel telemetry receivers in one compact unit. The flexibility to add quads with four receiver channels allows the system to grow with the number of patients which are monitored telemetrically.


The multi-channel receivers are admitted through the CARESCAPE Central Station. There the telemetry data is processed, stored and displayed. The telemetrically acquired ECG-data can also be displayed at a bedside monitor. The use of LAN data transfer technology allows the receiver system to be located virtually anywhere within the hospital. LED displays offer quick, easy assessment of on-line status while diagnostic ports speed troubleshooting.

GE Healthcare ApexPro Telemetry Transmitter


The new lightweight ApexPro telemetry transmitter takes telemetry to an entirely new level. Exclusive advancements in transmitter technology helps to minimise false calls and optimizes quality of patient care. The new ApexPro telemetry transmitter is unmatched in accuracy and reliability.


Dual V leads

8 simultaneous ECG capability, complete with exclusive dual V leads, assures uncompromising assessment. ST segment analysis’s breakthrough combination of 8- lead capability and incremental averaging, delivers the most reliable, motion-tolerant data acquisition available for early warning of conditions that may indicate possible ischemia.


Modular Design

Unique modular design capabilities allow each patient to carry only as much monitoring equipment as he or she needs: only the ApexPro transmitter for ambulatory ECG, or in addition the ambulatory pulse oximeter Apex Oximeter. In addition the noninvasive blood pressure device Accutracker DX can be interfaced to the ApexPro transmitter, or both the Apex Oximeter and the Accutracker DX simultaneously.


Enhanced Safety

To assist the user in patient hook-up and continuous care, the transmitter is equipped with indicators for battery status, electrode failure information and alarm pause status. The transmitter is powered by two standard AA batteries. With a remote graph button the patient or nurse is able to initiate a timed graph run at the Central Station. When alarm limits are violated there are automatic printouts at the Central Station. By introducing the Alarm Pause Breakthrough feature GE Healthcare have enhanced the safety standards of telemetric monitory even further. Even during Alarm Pause crisis alarms break through and initiate an alarm at the Central Station.


ApexPro is a positively inspired solution to today’s sub-acute care challenges