HL7 Interface Engine for GE Patient Monitors


CARESCAPE Gateway Server

 Helping improve patient data access.


The CARESCAPE* Gateway interface engine takes patient data access to an innovative level by helping enable hospitals to implement advanced clinical workflows and research. Coupled with GE’s excellent patient monitoring solutions, it gathers data from multiple devices and systems and delivers trended HL7® and near-real-time patient data to nearly all third-party systems. The CARESCAPE Gateway’s verified interface provides safe access to patient data by protecting the integrity and performance of the patient

monitoring system.

By integrating the new CARESCAPE Gateway Vitals on Demand feature with an electronic medical record (EMR) system or other third-party application, clinicians now have the ability to check on patients’ status remotely. Vitals on Demand delivers timely information

to help give clinicians the opportunity to provide well-informed, quality care with speed and precision.



Vitals on Demand

Vitals on Demand provides access to near-realtime numeric data on the patient monitor at the time of request. It allows clinicians fast access to their patients’ status without having to be at the bedside.


Optional High-Speed Data Interface

The CARESCAPE Gateway allows users to connect to a near-real-time data stream, providing access to waveforms and numerics from each patient monitor on the CARESCAPE Network in a safe and effective manner.


Extensive device capacity

The CARESCAPE Gateway allows connectivity to up to 512 patient monitoring devices.


System integration

The CARESCAPE Gateway supports CARESCAPE monitors as well as legacy Datex-Ohmeda and Marquette* patient monitors to provide access to patient data in both HL7 and high-speed data formats.

Assisted remote service monitoring

The CARESCAPE Gateway includes InSite* ExC technology that allows GE Healthcare’s trained personnel to assist you remotely in diagnosing and repairing your product.

Secured platform

The CARESCAPE Gateway uses a hardened Linux® operating system to mitigate the threat of viruses and other malware from being transmitted to the hospital’s network and

patient monitoring devices.


Enables electronic charting and ADT


The CARESCAPE Gateway, using industry standard protocols, connects and maps to Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Clinical Information Systems (CIS) including both HL7-compliant and proprietary systems. It provides Cloverleaf®, an integrated interface engine from Lawson Software, a leader in hospital system connectivity.


Time sync

The CARESCAPE Gateway can sync to a hospital NTP time source to provide synchronized time across the patient monitoring devices on the CARESCAPE Network. In addition, the CARESCAPE Gateway can automatically configure the system to adjust to daylight saving time. Furthermore, the CARESCAPE Gateway provides an NTP time service, which the CARESCAPE Central* can use to synchronize time.


Data integrity

Data integrity is supported with an eight-hour store-and-forward feature if connectivity is interrupted during patient transports or CIS upgrades and outages.

Moving beyond HL7 data integration, the CARESCAPE Gateway provides safe access to a rich feed of near-real-time patient data, helping give hospitals, physicians, clinical researchers and clinicians the opportunity to improve patient care