Patient Monitor Remote Viewing Software


Web Viewer
The right information when and where you need it

CARESCAPE Mobile Viewers empower clinicians to deliver care from virtually anywhere. It provides around-the-clock access to the information clinicians need to help make fast, informed decisions to treat their patients. Web Viewer exemplifies our vision of providing vital patient information anytime, anywhere.

Features Clinical
• Detailed view of near-real-time waveforms, numerical data and active visual alarms
• Supports up to 24 hours of graphical and numerical trend¬ing for CARESCAPE Network devices and 24 to 72 hours for devices on the S/5 Network, depending on the monitor
• User configurable patient list and views to patient information (waveforms and numeric)
• Multi-patient view capability to support viewing 4, 8, 12 or 16 patients simultaneously
• View up to 7-leads of ECG with CARESCAPE Network devices and up to 12-leads of ECG with monitors on the S/5 Network
• Supports printing to paper and to electronic formats like PDF; numerical trend data also can be copied and pasted to other applications like Microsoft® Excel®
• Becomes a clinical review station to any patient-relatedinformation when integrated with CARESCAPE iPanel*
• Waveforms may be temporarily frozen for closer examination, including print screen functionality

• Enables clinicians to view vital patient information securely on a standard PC or Mac®
• Web Viewer utilizes Java™ Web Start technology to eliminate the inconvenience of downloading or upgrading client software
• Connects to the hospital’s local area network via a direct wired or wireless connection
• Utilizes existing network infrastructure and client hardware
• Client devices are not limited to CARESCAPE Mobile Viewers use only, allowing other applications to be used as well
• Password-validated access control and configurable access rights to prevent unauthorized use
• Supports SSL to protect the confidentiality and integrity of patient information
• User account locking after unsuccessful login attempts
• Configurable auto-logout
• Extensive audit logs
• Server hardened by built-in firewall