Newly launched Maquet Meera CL 7000.01

Part of the MEERA family – giving you flexibility for many disciplines, just what you need – no more, no less


Maquet Meera CL is built on the same stable components as the rest of the Meera range, but on a simplified base with a mechanical locking system. Specially designed castors enable smooth movement in all directions: intermediate operation, straight-line travel, and free-wheeling. Lateral movement capability is ideally suited for the needs of outpatient surgery centers.

Features and Benefits

Excellent ratio of price to performance: Not all hospitals require motorized leg adjustments. Maquet Meera CL is built on the same components as the rest of the Maquet Meera line, but on a simplified table base with a mechanical locking system and manual leg movement. This gives you the most important of Maquet Meera features, but at a reduced price.

Ergonomic handling:
The new Smart Control with graphic touchscreen makes setup easy. It continuously receives and displays real-time table configuration information, which saves time, enhances safety, and simplifies documentation.

Stability for the largest patients: The robust base ensures stability and safety for patients weighing up to 454 kg / 1,000 lbs. For the complex demands of bariatric surgery, Maquet Meera CL offers an unrestricted capacity of 250 kg / 551 lbs for any table setup.

Wide range of compatible accessories:
All Maquet Meera Tables feature the same interfaces as past Getinge Mobile OR Tables to ensure compatibility with existing Getinge accessories. This increases the flexibility of existing equipment to extend the life of your existing OR table investment.

Longitudinal shift improves access for better outcomes: The motorized longitudinal shift delivers increased access for the surgeon, while simultaneously improving accessibility for the C-arm, improving intraoperative diagnostics and treatment. 360° imaging is possible when paired with carbon fiber accessories.

Maneuverability: The special design of the castors enables intermediate operation, straight-line travel, and free-wheeling. The ability for lateral movement is ideal for outpatient surgery centers.