Maquet Meera ST 7100.01 – Giving you the choice you need

Maquet Meera and Maquet Meera ST are built on the same advanced platform, providing all the features you need in a mobile table.


A multi functional table for various types of procedures
Maquet Meera ST offers the same benefits as the Maquet Meera Table, without the longitudinal shift. It ensures that your OR will benefit from a solid, functional table, without features that your surgeons don’t need.

Features and Benefits

Excellent stability
The tables are capable of a broad range of angles and tilts for extraordinary cross-disciplinary flexibility. A stable three-point stance ensures the safety of patients of all sizes.
Comfort for patients and staff
From transport to in-procedure positioning, the Maquet Meera range has a variety of ergonomic benefits. The Smart Control* with graphic touchscreen makes it easy to precisely position the table for each procedure. A concave base and smart design ensure ideal access to the patient, reducing positional strain.
Safety and maneuverability
The Auto Drive function helps to safely move the table within the OR or corridor, without operator strain. Sensor Drive supports the precise controlling of the Auto Drive function. Together, they ensure that Maquet Meera Tables can be safely and efficiently re-positioned.
Good ergonomics
The Maquet Meera and Maquet Meera ST Tables are capable of a height range of 450 mm (17”) which offers optimal ergonomic access. Whether seated or standing, tall or short, the 450 mm working height range can accommodate every individual and procedure type. Motorized joints on the reverse table side allow for superior surgical access to increase versatility and procedure types.