Newly Launched Maquet Lyra
A stable, flexible mobile OR table


Maquet Lyra

A versatile table for all-around use

It’s increasingly important to invest in reliable, multi-functional infrastructure. That’s why Getinge developed the Maquet Lyra Mobile OR Table. Just one table can meet the needs of most surgical disciplines, and is carbon-fiber accessory compatible for excellent intra-operative diagnostics.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent balance of price and performance: Why pay more for features that you don’t need? This cost-effective mobile OR table is flexible and easy to use, comfortably positioning patients for most types of surgical procedures.
  • Exceptional stability and safety: The robust base ensures stability and safety for patients weighing up to 360 kg (794 lbs). The Maquet Lyra Table is capable of a broad range of angles and tilts for extraordinary cross-disciplinary flexibility
  • Versatility across surgical disciplines: By combining universal usage features with a broad range of accessories, the Maquet Lyra Mobile OR Table is a practical table for all-around use. Maquet Lyra features the same interfaces as past Getinge Mobile OR tables and the compatibility with existing Getinge accessories ensures seamless integration into your surgical suite.
  • Reliability and user-friendly operation: The special design of the castors allows the table to be used immediately, without being lowered onto a baseplate. The free-wheeling castors give the flexibility to move in both straight lines or laterally. Fewer electrical components simplify maintenance for cost-effective long-term use.
  • Longitudinal shift improves access for better outcomes: The manual longitudinal shift improves intraoperative diagnostics and treatment. It delivers both increased access for the surgeon, and simultaneously improves accessibility for the C-arm. 360° imaging is possible when paired with carbon fiber accessories.