Maquet Alphaclassic Pro Mobile Theatre Table


The Maquet Alphaclassic Pro mobile theatre table is a surprising all-rounder. Having a fully radio-translucent motorized back plate helps increase ergonomics. The Universal interface is the link to a tremendous choice of accessories and therefore is versatile in use for most surgical disciplines. It offers the following features and benefits:

  • Stable and various¬†positioning of up to 250 kg load capacity
  • Optional longitudinal shift of 310 mm to assist with C-arm access of 1100 mm under table top
  • With shoulder MIS with short shoulder back plate and shoulder section, upper arm can move easily
  • Universal mounting points offer users flexibility in configurations
  • Fully and unrestricted radiolucent back plate without blockages
  • Working in a darkened MIS theatre is enjoyed thanks to backlit keyboard on remote
  • Can be used in normal or reverse orientation
  • Remarkable height adjustment