OEC Elite 3D

Over the past two decades, many technology innovations have been introduced in intraoperative 3D imaging, robotic guidance and navigation systems intended to provide improved anatomical visualization and precise guidance. Despite the promised benefits, many operating rooms have not integrated these technologies into routine surgical practice either due to the steep learning curve or disruption to the surgical workflow.


With the steady increase in minimally invasive surgeries, the need for accuracy, precision and greater clarity of anatomical details is increasingly relevant. Diverse procedures and varied patient types, coupled with dynamic staffing, lead to added workflow challenges in handling technology and integration with multiple systems within the operating room.


To address these challenges, GE Healthcare introduces the OEC 3D C-arm designed to provide unparalleled precision and efficiency.


Leveraging insights from expert surgeons and operating room directors across the globe, GE Healthcare has synthesized the latest technological advancements across imaging detectors, computational processing, visualization engines and stereo vision depth camera technology with the goal of introducing a nimble, reliable intraoperative mobile 3D imaging system that delivers sought after precision and efficiency.


The OEC 3D C-arm endeavors to eliminate the need to trade ease of use for improved image visualization. Beyond surgeons and operating room directors, the OEC 3D imaging system strives to bring value to all stakeholders within a patient centric ecosystem allowing 3D intraoperative imaging to become a routine surgical tool. In Neuro, Spinal, Orthopedic, Trauma or even select Vascular procedures, OEC 3D is designed to deliver precise and efficient patient outcomes

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