Finally, a 3D C-arm that every surgical suite deserves.

3D imaging is utilized in a variety of procedures from spinal fusion to fracture reduction, however systems are often difficult to operate and disrupt the surgical workflow.

Adding a new dimension to intraoperative imaging, the OEC 3D is readily available and easy to use. The OEC 3D C-arm provides precise volumetric images for spine and orthopedic procedures, as well as the benefits and familiarity of 2D imaging to deliver greater efficiency and versatility to surgical suites.

Seamless Versatility

The OEC 3D is a true 3D/2D C-arm that performs both 3D and 2D imaging easily, reducing the need for an additional 2D C-arm during a procedure.

Effortless Mobility

Built with a unique carbon fiber C-arm, the OEC 3D is the lightest weight 3D C-arm at a nominal weight of 336 kg. Moving the OEC 3D around a surgical table or down the hall to another procedure room also requires no battery power.


Readily Available

In less than a minute, the OEC 3D powers up and is available for 2D or 3D imaging. With a 30 second acquisition and 30 second reconstruction for a typical scan, 3D images are ready swiftly for intraoperative review.

Amazing Images

The image quality OEC C-arms are renowned for is now available in 3D. The OEC 3D features a large 19 cm x 19 cm x 19 cm volume with a high resolution of 512³ voxels captured with a 200° isocentric sweep. 3D volume reconstructed images deliver a precise view in any cross-sectional plane as well as Volume Rendering and Maximum Intensity Projection images for enhanced clinical confidence and critical decisions in the operating room.


Expansive Volumes

With a 19 cm x 19 cm x 19 cm volume, OEC 3D captures a 67% greater volume than other 3D C-arms*. This expansive volume includes more anatomy in a single scan. See more levels during a spinal fusion, or more of the pelvis or femur during an orthopedic procedure.

Open Navigation

OEC 3D has an open platform to integrate seamlessly with navigation and robotics systems and a physical mount for tracking devices. The OEC Open is a dedicated port that automatically exports a high-fidelity 3D data set to any navigation or robotics system that accepts DICOM images to further aid in image-guided surgeries.

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