Our Partners and Vendors

Our partners and vendors are the key to providing timely, relevant and progressive healthcare services and products across Southern Africa.

  • Partnering with Old Mutual Equity to ensure an excellent financial track record.
  • Partnering with Old Mutual to add financial strength to the Medhold Group for expansion and provide relevant BBBEE.
  • Expanding relevant product offerings to reach existing and new multinational device manufacturers.
  • Providing growth opportunities for all employees and participation in the Medhold Employee Trust share scheme.

Flushers Disinfector & Detergents

Improving Clinical Outcomes for Acute & Long
Term Patient Care.


Defibrillators & AED’s

Bexen Cardio ready for life.


Emergency & Rescue Products

A Visionary in Industrial Safety,
EMS & Fire Rescue Solutions.


Laparoscopic, Robotic & Open Surgery. Imaging & Visualization. Electro Surgery. Orthopaedic – Sports Medicine. Ortopaedic – Power Tools.

Surgical Technology to safeguard Patient Health.


FLARE. The operating table that perfectly cooperates with the C-arm

Famed Żywiec is a leading European manufacturer of
high quality medical equipment.


Emergency & Rescue Products

Leading global provider of emergency care solutions.


Anaesthesia Delivery System. Patient Monitoring. Cardiology. Ventilation. Maternal & Infant Care. Clinical Information System. Surgical C-Arms. Healthcare IT Systems. GE Clinical Imaging & Service Solutions for the rest of Southern Africa

Innovative Solutions & Optimum Care.
Diagnostic Imaging & Ultrasound.


Sterilizers/Autoclaves. Theatre Tables and Lights Instrument Washers Disinfectants & Consumables Tracking & Tracing Systems Healthcare IT Systems

Providing hospitals and life science institutions with
products and solutions aiming to improve clinical results and optimize workflows.


Da Vinci by Intuitive. Enabling surgical care to get patients back to what matters

Innovating for minimal invasive care.


Surgical Instruments

Specialised German Quality Medical Equipment.


Blood Gas Analysis Transcutaneous Monitoring AQT

Powerful Acute Care Diagnostics. Powerful Technology (only public sector).