The REANIBEX 800 is the unique modular Defibrillator Patient Monitor with “plug and play” parameters.


The REANIBEX 800 is the first modular defibrillator monitor in the industry. A monitor defibrillator with AED, (Automated External Defibrillator) portable and lightweight ideal for rapid provision of the first treatment to patients suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

Made with the latest technologies in the field of defibrillation (biphasic waveform up to 360J), incorporates a screen that allows not only the visualization of the user guidance messages but also of all the parameter waveforms and in real time.

Operates from the mains (AC), from a vehicle battery (DC) or from it’s own battery


Biphasic up to 360J

Control of the defibrillator and the printer from the paddles

Integrated paediatric paddles

Auto test when switched on and during operation, and daily self-tests ensures device continuous readiness.

Simple and intuitive operation

AED with ERC/AHA guidelines 2015 and its review of 2017

With optional:

Non Invasive pacing, fixed and demand mode

12 lead ECG with Glasgow Interpretation

Pulse Oximetry SpO2 from Masimo SET and SpCO, SpMet, SpHb, PVI.

Suntech NIBP

Oridion EtCO2

Medlab Temperature

Medlab IBP

Synchronised cardioversion

Printer 50mm or 106mm

AC and DC operation and charging.

 “Reanibex Data Manager” software to manage and organise all the data gathered, Data Link, and Data Cloud.

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