The REANIBEX 500 is a compact Patient Monitor Defibrillator Manual/AED with Non invasive pacing 12 Lead ECG, SPO2, EtCO2, CPR Guidance with feedback, and Data Transmission.


The REANIBEX 500 EMS is a Patient Monitor Defibrillator Manual/AED with Non invasive pacing and SPO2, EtCO2, 12 lead ECG, CPR Guidance and Data Transmission. Portable and lightweight ideal for advanced and rapid provision of the first treatment to patients suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.


Biphasic with Manual override up to 360J

Universal AED algorithm for adult and paediatric patients

Up to 12 lead patient cable for ECG (4 +6 Leads)

Synchronised cardioversion

Optional External Pacemaker

Optional SpO2

Optional EtCO2

CPR guidance device in real time (Push Pad) reports the quality and frequency of CPR in real time (optional).

Optional Data Transmission ( GSM, Bluetooth, USB… ) to EMS hospitals.

Large colour display 5.7inch with possibility to configure the screen on high contrast mode

“Autotraining” mode in the same equipment (optional)

Configurable CPR protocols

Configured to latest ERC/AHA 2015 Guidelines and its review of 2017

Automatic daily selftests ensures the device continual readiness 

Portable and lightweight for easy transport in any situation

USB connection 2 ports

Rugged and durable design for any environment

User friendly and very intuitive in use

Optional “Reanibex Data Manager” software to manage and organise all the data gathered, Data Link, and Data Cloud.

Rechargable battery

Reanibex 500_EMS cat&TechSpec ENG_Feb2018