GE Healthcare Marquette CASE Stress Exercise ECG

Gold standard cardiac assessment in exercise testing.


The CASE is one of the first true point-of-care clinical information systems for the exercise environment. By combining the accuracy of our premiere exercise ECG system with the information accessibility of network connectivity,the CASE offers an advanced, integrated approach to high-efficiency, high-performance stress testing.


The CASE system builds on Marquette’s tradition of ECG leadership, introducing new exercise testing capabilities that extend our distinguished history in signal processing, microelectronics and ECG algorithms. Industry advancements, including our ECG Enhancer-Finite Residual Filter Algorithm for baseline wander/muscle artifact extraction and digital Compact Acquisition Module, help produce clear, more defined ECGs even in the high-noise environment of stress.


With the introduction of Marquette’s Waterfall Display, the CASE system brings fast, efficient ST segment assessment to exercise testing. Also, the combination of multi-lead arrhythmia analysis, ST segment measurements, 12SLTM ECG analysis and the CASE system’s on-line full disclosure record provides the high quality exercise testing that supports accurate diagnosis and prognostic assessment of coronary artery disease.


The CASE system’s network connectivity to the MUSE System, MUSE CV® Web and hospital HIS ensures seamless, point-of-care access to the complete electronic patient record. It puts all cardiovascular report types, automatic order retrieval and complete ADT information at your immediate disposal. Incorporating this connectivity into the stress device creates inherent operational and cost efficiencies virtually any healthcare network, stress lab or office can benefit from.


What’s more, the CASE system is designed for easy operation with minimal learning curve. An on-line, computer-based tutorial facilitates quick, consistent training. Dedicated stress test keys speed testing. And innovative, embedded reporting tools allow efficient, custom report generation.


CASE Featuring:

  • Thermal A4 printer
  • 22” colour display
  • Sturdy, self-contained cart
  • Windows 2oerating system
  • Digital acquisition module
  • 12SL resting ecg measurement and analysis
  • Previous test retrieval
  • Full disclosure
  • Word/Pdf export
  • Excel/XML export
  • T Wave Alternans
  • CD Archive
  • Remote View
  • Storage to MUSE
  • EMR connectivity
  • Risk Factors
  • 15 Lead
  • ECG History