Tonoport V Ambulatory Blood Pressure Device

24 Hour ambulatory blood pressure device for use with CardioSoft analysis software.


Efficient Performance for Better Diagnosis

The GE Healthcare Tonoport V blood pressure recorder automatically measures and records ambulatory non-invasive blood pressure over a 24-hour period, using the widely accepted oscillometric method.

Tonoport V is equipped with a number of helpful tools and additional features. When an event occurs the patient is able to trigger a manual measurement. This is marked as such in the report. The measurement time intervals are selectable from a number of profiles and have a day and night mode, minimising patient disturbances.

The unit operates on rechargeable or standard AA batteries.

Tonoport V is an integrated component of the multifunctional CardioSoft platform, and is delivered complete with the CardioSoft DFT module for ambulatory blood pressure analysis. This software runs on Windows 8.1 and below and is very easy to operate. Trends, measurements and statistics are displayed in a user-friendly manner, and all patient data is stored on a single database. Reports can be printed from the PC to any standard printer.

The Tonoport is validated by the British Hypertension Society (BHS).