Pocket-sized visualization tool deepens connection with patients


GE Healthcare’s Vscan is a powerful pocket-sized visualization tool with ultrasound technology, that helps redefine the physical examination, giving physicians a fast first look into the body – immediately and non-invasively – right during the physical exam.

Vscan’s advanced technology makes it possible to visualize organs with ease, for high-quality imaging in cardiac, abdominal, urinary bladder, obstetric and pediatric exams.

It allows to quickly assess anatomy and function, wherever and whenever needed, so doctors can get immediate answers to focused questions.

By helping to speed diagnoses, Vscan can reduce patient wait times and improve workflow, for faster, more efficient patient care.

Vscan’s advanced technology provides clear, high-quality images to help visualize anatomy with ease. Two standard imaging modes – black and white for anatomy and color-coded blood flow – are enhanced by a wide variety of convenient applications.

Small and lightweight, Vscan slips easily into a lab coat pocket. Its ample battery capacity provides over one hour of scanning on a single charge – plenty of power for a full day’s worth of patient exams.

Held in one hand, Vscan features an intuitive user interface that’s easily controlled with just the thumb.

The Vscan Gateway software is an offline solution offering the ability to transfer, review and communicate Vscan information and exams. It’s also the link to valuable service tools.

The Vscan online Portal “Webucation” provides excellent training tools to get users started, helping physicians to begin using Vscan in their clinical environment.

In addition to the standard items that come with every Vscan package, several options enhance usability, such as an optional External Battery Charger, or the option to add extra batteries, AC Adapter, Docking Station, Micro-SD Memory Card, USB Cable, or even additional Soft/Protection Case.