We offer a wide range of accessories for all our products.  Please contact us for complete details.

Below is a brief overview of our main accessory categories

We offer an extensive range of cuffs, allowing you to care for patients in virtually any clinical setting

A patient’s blood pressure is the first step in determining the best clinical course of action.  Ge Healthcare’s blood (BP) cuffs help give you vital information up front, supporting well-informed decisions that may ultimately enhance patient outcomes.  Our solutions are designed to help you deliver high-quality care and patient satisfaction


Innovative and easy-to-use design allows clinicians to quickly connect/disconnect adult and pediatric blood pressure cuffs and provides standardization of your monitors. The audible click lets users know there is a proper connection, and the ergonomically-designed system makes the DINACLICK nearly effortless to use.


The Neo-Snap connector for neonatal blood pressure cuffs is designed to standards that help prevent unintended disconnections. The Neo-Snap connector provides a secure connection with audible click and tactile feedback.


TruSignal* sensors and interconnect cables are intended for use in continuous non-invasive arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2 ) and pulse rate monitoring. The sensors and cables are designed and tested to help ensure patient comfort, and to help clinicians make better care decisions. TruSignal sensors and interconnect cables are backwards compatible with Datex, Ohmeda and GE SpO2 technologies.


Achieve accuracy in temperature measurement

Our Vital Signs temperature monitoring probes and cables can be easily used to measure temperature from the fingers, toes, ears, esophagus, nasopharynx, rectum and bladder.  Our products are manufactured to a high level of quality and validated for use with GE healthcare patient monitors.

ECG Cables

Our various lengths of trunk cables are designed for use with GE Healthcare equipment

ECG Leadwires

Our leadwires are offered in 3-, 5- and 12-lead options

ECG Paper

Our recording paper comes in options of different systems including bright white, quality paper stock for excellent trace legibility