CrystalView™ Pro Fluid Management System

CrystalView™ Pro Fluid Management System combines high performance inflow and outflow for optimal distension and clear visualization with intuitive features and customizable surgeon presets to help simplify the OR. CrystalView Pro is designed to let you focus on the patient, not the pump.


The CrystalView™ Pro was designed so your fluid pump is one less
thing you have to worry about. In fact, it only takes three clicks for it
to start pumping fluid.

For maximum ease-of-use, the user-friendly touchscreen works
like an app on your phone and is designed to simplify pump setup.


New direct drive motor design is intended to eliminate gear seizing,
reduce noise, and increase reliability.


Customizable surgeon presets allow for quick set-up. Simply select
the surgeon and procedure type and that’s it. These settings can be
easily exported to other CrystalView™ Pro units, saving installation
time for multi-room facilities.




CrystalView™ Pro Irrigation Console
CAT # CV4000
Quantity 1 each
CrystalView™ Pro Remote
CAT # CV4040
Quantity 1 each
Pump Interface Cable
CAT # D4024
Quantity 1 each
Shaver Sensor
CAT # 24K900
Quantity 1 each
Shaver Sensor Extension
CAT # 24K191
Quantity 1 each
Outflow/Shaver Suction/Waste Tubing
CAT # 24K100
Quantity 10 per box
Inflow Arthroscopy Tube Set
CAT # 10K100
Quantity 10 per box
10K Arthroscopy Tube Set with Suction Line
CAT # 10K150
Quantity 10 per box
Day-Use Pump Tubing
CAT # 10K600
Quantity 4 per box
Single-Use Patient Tubing
CAT # 10K605
Quantity 12 per box

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